Verbal/Non-verbal reasoning

From Year 2 all the way up to Year 8. (6-13 years of age).

All of our teachers are experienced and D.B.S checked.

A tailored programme for your child with regular progress updates.

Homework is provided to ensure continuity across lessons.

Friendly environment.

Free initial assessment.

We cover the skills associated with 11+ curriculum to develop reasoning abilities in verbal and non-verbal subjects, which aid English and Mathematical understanding.

11+ verbal reasoning

  • Sorting and selecting words
  • Making anagrams
  • Coded sequences and logic
  • Process verbal information
  • Determine word meanings
  • Work systematically

11+ non verbal reasoning

  • Identifying shapes
  • Finding missing shapes in a sequence
  • Rotating shapes
  • Coded shapes and logic
  • Process graphic and pictorial information
  • Spatial awareness
  • Find and follow patterns and rules

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